Gundam Wing ~ Black Ambitions, Chapter 1

Posted On March 9, 2008

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Title: Black Ambitions

Chapter: 1. Red Dragon

Pairings: 1×2, 3×4, 5xM, 6×9, 13×11

About: The second version of this idea I’ve had in the back of my mind for ages. I wrote out about 9 chapters before i realised that the story was crap. But i still wanted to continue with the idea that I had.

This Gundam Wing story is an AU set around a fantasy theme, like Dragons, magick and knights.

The First 5 chapters start by explaining the past of the 5 main charaters, Heero the Knight, Duo the Thief, Trowa the Shapeshifter, Quatre the Healer, and Wufei the Mage. This chapter starts with Wufei.

>>Chapter 1<<